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Can you imagine for a min, that your in the hospital.  Maybe you have a broken arm.  The doctor left you in the room while he went and attended to another patient who was much worse off than you, he said it may take him a while to come back and finish the cast because a medical emergency just came in, but to just be patient!  Your cast finally dries, and right in time!  I come popping in with my super cute personality and my tiny body, and I offer you some candy.  I am super social so I stay and talk to you and we have a bit of a connection.  I move my arm to quickly and a box of the candy drops right in front of us…OH NO!  I bend over to pick it up, and there you are watching me, looking at me, and your cock gets hard.  It’s hard to say no to your temptations, but you do it anyway, you lift my skirt while I am bending over picking the candy up, without me even noticing.  I get up, see you with your hand down your pants jacking off, looking at me like a piece of meat.  My god, you are horny aren’t you?  Well I am suppose to take care of the patients!  So, I bend over and allow you to fuck my pussy from behind.  You blow a big fat load inside me, and take it out.  I giggle and give you my number, I hope you do call again soon!